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ELNEWS is our monthly travel eZine bringing you fresh travel news from around Kenya. ELNEWS has a circulation currently covering East Africa involving readers from the tourism, travel, hotel and hospitality industry.

Advertising on ELNEWS gives you the opportunity to directly showcase your products and services to our readers. This offers you a powerful platform to connect directly with your audience in a manner other online initiatives cannot because your message is highly targeted to a group that has opted to receive our eZine and the regular promotions that we carry through that platform - so as long as your advert is relevant to the travel and hospitality industry, our readers who are mainly in that industry or are keen to follow the trends in the same, will never consider your ads to be SPAM!

Place your advert for more than a month and get very competitive discounts.

We can also provide professional graphics design services at reasonable rates as follows:

  • Static graphics (US$ 30.00)
  • Animated gifs (US$ 50.00)
  • Flash animations (US$ 70.00)

Please also check our Advertising Terms Tab above for our client-designed artworks guidelines.

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  • All payments and contracts should be finalised before commencement of any online campaign.
  • For longer-term advertising (promax®, ElNewsEdge® and EPartner®), clients will be notified 15 days in advance so that adequate preparations may be made in case of a consideration of renewal.
  • Enchanted Landscapes® advertising rates assume where applicable, that client generates their own artwork. Enchanted Landscapes® can however, at a small fee, develop the artwork for client. Please see the Overview tab for our Graphics Design pricing options.
  • All client-submitted artwork (applies to the Ecomax,® ELNewsEdge® and TravelogueMax® Plans) should be submitted to Enchanted Landscapes® 2 days before commencement of the advertising campaign and should meet Enchanted Landscapes® design requirements as follows:
    • Ad dimensions should be in accordance with Enchanted Landscapes® banner ad specifications. See our Ecomax,® ELNewsEdge® and TravelogueMax® sections for details on ad dimensions.
    • Graphics format for generated artwork must be in either .JPG, .PNG and .SWF formats.
    • File sizes for generated artwork should not exceed 21KB (.GIF), 50KB (.JPG) and 180KB (.SWF)
  • Enchanted Landscapes® may from time to time review its advertising rates in which case it will notify its potential and existing clients of this change ONE MONTH in advance through our monthly eZine (ELNEWS) or through appropriate banner announcements on www.enchanted-landscapes.com

Last updated on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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